Chris Wolf

Chris Wolf The promotional tour is for the TV show and the record but it's actually for US," says Chris Wolf as he lounges comfortably on the couch in the "den" located in the back of the touring coach. We are traveling from Mobile, Alabama, to our next stop, Panama City, Florida. It's a gorgeous day outside, but inside is determination the strong will and determination of Chris Wolf. He wants to be heard. "Now, WE get a shot to PROVE that we're no better than anyone else. We're REAL people. You can touch us, we can touch you. The fans and the people out there are the support of any group. We're nobody without them."

Chris Wolf follows through everyday with what he believes, giving of himself one hundred and ten percent to the fans. Chris made himself as accessible as possible at every point of the tour throughout the United States. More than one fan walked away crying, completely overcome when Chris gave them a hug and a kiss.

"I was born in Portland, Oregon. I don't know how because we didn't live there. I was born between May 1st and May 30th. Some magazines have different things. That's my 'trade thing,' I don't want anybody to know. That's part of the mystery.

"I lived on a small farm in Oregon pretty much the whole time. Ohio, I lived on a farm. West Virginia, I lived on a farm. My dad raises horses, trains race horses. I've worked with cattle and rodeo riding most of my life."

"We raised baby cattle for a while. I was out there with milk buckets at four in the morning, EVERY morning. We got out of that after three or four years! (Chris seems just a LITTLE bit relieved by that!)

"I liked working with all the animals. They're just like a human in a way. They all have a personality. They all know what they can get away with and what they can't get away with. They become your friends.

"I helped birth a couple cows, a couple horses. The first time I saw a birth, I cried. I was really young and I was scared. I've also seen animals die. Baby calves have gotten sick. Horses get hurt, put to sleep. So, like I said, it's just like a human, they go through the novelties of life."

"I have seven total -- Jimmie, Jerry, Don, Patrick, Marilyn and Elita." (Whew! And, he said that all in one breathe!) "Jimmie is the oldest...twenty eight. Everybody is married except for Jerry. Everybody has kids except for Jerry and Marilyn.

"My brothers taught me how to fight and hold my own. My sisters taught me...what women like." (Down girls! Don't hyperventilate!)

"Every thanksgiving, we do a thing celled 'turkey Bowl. It's usually raining when we go out and play football. Cody, my best friend, and all our friends get together and have big football games all the time. Damon comes along and cheerleads along the side.

"We play sports all the time during our Thanksgiving. We have everything from volley to horseshoes to basketball. We have about sixty-five sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner. It's a big big house. We have a five acre yeard, too. I used to mow it with a little hand-lawnmower and I'd have to rake it all afterward. It'd take me ALL day."

"Football was my big game but wrestling was my big sport. I wrestled freestyle and greco. I wrestled in the USA junior Team for a year. I wrestled with one of the best coaches in the world, Bob Bezarde." (Chris continues the interview, explaining about wrestling, but perhaps he is explaining his own views on life.) "Wrestling is a big mental game. It's you and only you out there. So, you have nobody to blame but yourself. And, when you're cutting twenty pounds a week -- having not eaten for five days and go out there and wrestle someone who HAD been eating...BIG mental game. A lot of heart and courage...I'd start out at 15 and then I'd end up at 130. That's less than what Damon weighs!"

"Bezarde was my coach, my mentor, my help. But, my overall favorite teacher is my parents. My dad did not miss ONE wrestling practice or football practice or game. He traveled when I went to Alaska. he traveled when I went to California. Our team was one of the best teams in Oregon so we went to the Coast Classic in LA. Thirty of the best teams went -- we took second. My mom video taped everything."

"I didn't want anybody to know that's what it was because I'd played sports pretty much all through high school. The actual decision came from my mom's dad. His name was Morris Sarmel. I didn't know him, he died before I was born. He worked his way from the bottom of Western Costume to the top of Western Costume to working into assistant directing and directing. He did the COMBAT series. He worked on SOUTH PACIFIC. He did PERRY MASON. I saw a lot of pictures around the house with him and all the actors, on the film sets. It was something that I thought would be cool. Eventually, I want to get behind that scene, direct and produce.

I packed my bags up and moved down to LA in my car. Stayed in my car for about the first two or three months. Found an agent. Started auditioning and auditioning and... auditioning. And, eventually found this (GND). I did some commercials. I did a Nintendo commercial -- the power glove commercial. I had really short hair. Still plays to this day. Turned out really great. I worked about eighteen hours on learning how to use the glove and to box in the game. It was fun. I did a Reebok commercial with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was cool! He's really, really smart. To me, he's really the god of bodybuilding."

"When we first started the pilot, we did our first video outside on Melrose Ave. on Friday night. We got a crowd of about three or four hundred people. There was a lot of people around watching and stuff. We started like at two in the afternoon and didn't finish 'till five in the morning. It was looong. Then, we had to be back at the set at nine in the morning. We got like two hours sleep.

"We worked six, seven days a week. We'd take Sundays and do photo shoots for TEEN Magazine and press stuff. We haven't had a day off. We're on this promotional tour twenty-four hours a day with each other. We haven't had a day off yet."

"We were working sixteen, seventeen hours a day. Actually -- the truth -- when I had to be on the set at seven-thirty, I was up at four-thirty in the morning working out. On the road -- this promotional tour -- I've slacked off. I haven't gotten to work out more than once or twice a week. I usually stretch for about fifteen minutes. I do weightlifting for about an hour and fifteen minutes. I do chest, back, and lats. Everyday it's a different muscle group. Three days on, one day off."

"That was a funny, fun, nightmare. I felt like a four year old kid with my sisters dressing me up as a girl. I had a hard time, I can't fit into girl's clothes. It was one of the funniest skits we did. We laughed FOREVER!"

"I want to invest into my own ranch. I want to have a lake with a ramp you can swim your horses. I want a half-mile track. I want to go to architecture school, because I'd like to build my own house. I'd have like maple, pine, all wood cabinets in my kitchen and everything. High beam ceilings."

"GHOST. I loved GHOST. I cried so hard. I took my niece to see THE LITTLE MERMAID and I cried during that. I like a lot of movies. STAR WARS was the ultimate!"

"Italian. I like all kinds of Italian food. I like Chinese. I like Mexican. I like sushi. I never eat the wierd stuff. Very experimental on food Ilove cooking I love experimenting with chicken. When I have my house, I'm going to have a humongous kitchen with all the pans hanging from that thing, and a big cutting board. With a big, all glass refrigerator. I LOVE to cook."

"I want to find a girl that's really truly spontaneous. Really into health -- likes to work out. Loves the outdoors, camping. Loves the indoors, loves city life. One of those girls who will wake up in the morning and roll over and give you a big hug. I'm very affectionate. I'm not fatal, a lot of people touch too much."

"One mistake I made was not wearing my handglove in shop class. Some kid put his cutting torch on it giving me third degree burns (ouch!). When I run, it gets all purple. Another mistake I made was cutting tansy (ragwort) with a machete, splitting my knee to the bone. Tansy is a ragweed that will kill horses if they eat it. My senior year was messed up, I did it right before school started."

"I usually (ooh, La La!) I like briefs because of the way they feel. I like to wear rings. I've got a couple peace signs, ying-yangs, snakes. I like necklaces, crystals."

"I got into recycling really heavy when I moved to LA. I have three different trash cans. I have my own sack I take with me to the grocery store. I make mistakes -- I will buy the wrong thing, or I have to. But, every little bit helps. Make a change.

"My grandma's full-blood Cherokee. My third cousin is Jesse James -- my dad's mom, mom's, sister's kid." (Ahhh... great-grand-aunt's son?)

"I put my time in and used it wisely. To me, it's not the amount of time you put in, it's the quality time. This industry is a game and you have to play the game. But, don't get sucked into it and don't kiss anybody's butt. If you're going to go for it, go for it. But go in there with the intentions you know what you want and don't do anything opposite from it. Make the future, don't dream about it."

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